Perlite is a type of volcanic glass containing combined water. When the crude rock is crushed and heated above 1600ºF (870º), the combined water vaporizes and the perlite expands to 20 times its original volume creating countless tiny air cells which accounts for its lightweight and excellent thermal insulation properties for high and low temparature.

  • Chemically inert; non-toxic.
  • Free flowing which completely fill in any storge shapes tank.
  • Rat vermin and termite resistant.
  • LightWeight and less expensive compared with other insulation.

ULTRALITE Perlite Insulation Grade (IG) is not only a superior insulation but also:

  • Acts as permanent insulation which minimizes "winter heat" loss and "summer heat" gain providing greater comfort and long-term energy savings.
  • Easy to install thus reduced labor cost.
  • 10% cheaper and effective as vermiculite insulation.
  • Provides fire safety and reduces insurance cost.
  • Effective noise and sound reduction, improves quality of buildings, etc.


A. Loose-fill insulation for high temparature (Building / Construction Application).

B. Loose fill insulation for low temparature and cryogenic application. Liquefied gases having boiling point of as low as 425ºF have created a demand for storage facilities capable of economically reducing evaporation losses and prevent erratic temperature change which may cause explosion. A large majority of the vessels are of double construction and the annulus is filled with expanded perlite.
C. Moulded and cast insulation form and low temperature. ULTRALITE PERLITE INSULATION GRADE (IG) is used as insulation cover on the surface of molten metal to prevent excessive heat loss during delays in pouring; to top off ingots; to reduce piping and decrease lamination. Althought thermal conductivity increase apprecialby above 1700ºF. It is also used in all sorts of high temperature steam pipings, boilers, heated tanks, vaults, safes, etc., in cold pipings, in refrigeration, cold storage, and liquified nitrogen (LNG) gas pipings and all other gas tanks.

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