Expt. Lychee culti­ vars presently recommended for Hawaii are ‘Groff’, ‘Kaimana’, and ‘Kwai Mi’. Peak season for lychee is from May through August. Trees grow best below 1,000 feet. The tree is vigorous, medium height and grows well in most locations in Hawaii but fruits best in the upslope areas. The flowers appear directly on the trunk and branches and carpet the ground a beautiful crimson red or snow white. Breadfruit is an equatorial lowland species that grows best below elevations of 1,000 feet, but is found at elevations of 2,000 feet. Kwai Mi, a Chinese variety, was the first lychee introduced into Hawai'i. For best fruit production, plant two or more varieties for cross pollination in an acid soil. The fruit is borne in clusters off the trunk and branches of the tree. The cacao tree is a small evergreen (10 to 12 feet) that grows best with high humidity, deep rich soil, and at least 60 inches of rain per year. When eaten, a molecule from the flesh binds with the receptors in the taste buds making sour and acidic foods taste sweet. The 'Haitian Star Apple' has a deep purple skin and the flesh is sweet and smooth. Cardamom spice is the seed in the flower pods from a tall willowy ginger. Mauna Kai Orchards grows Kaimana lychee exclusively. Surinam Cherries are native to South America. Specialties: Delicious breakfast buffet featuring a rotation selection of Mini Loco Mocos, Eggs Benedict, Stuffed French Toast, Carved Whole Slab Bacon, Mini Breakfast Smoothies, Pastries, and fresh made to order Omelets. The flowers are small and fragrant and will emerge right on the trunk and oldest branches, followed by the pickle shaped tart fruits. Figs are delicious and easy to grow. It is a beautiful tree with large glossy green leaves with unusual flowers and takes about five to seven years to begin bearing. The lychee is the most renowned of a group of edible fruits of the soapberry family, Sapindaceae. The leaves die back in the winter and emerge each spring. 1268 of the Hawaii Agr. Coffee is a dark green, small tree, growing to 15 feet unpruned. They are ready to pick when the skin turns either red or yellow (depending on variety). Breadfruit is an important crop in Hawaiian culture with an abundance of preparations from sweet to savory dishes to more modern applications such as flours and hummus. other candidate lychee trees for their adaptability to Hawaii’s soils and climates. Our lychee orchard has matured during two … Native to the Amazon, Abiu is tropical in its requirements, needing a moist, warm climate. It is a large spreading tree which is easily managed with annual pruning. Different Commercial varieties such as: Brewster and Emperor are larger trees that may not be suited for a smaller yard. Vanilla is also available in a beautiful ‘variegated’ form. New Macadamia Nut Selections Mango Exel. Coffee is grown in most Hawaii climates. Lychee's roots date back to at least 1059 B.C.E, with praise and pictures of the fruit in early Chinese literature. A pruning saw cut the width of the saw blade is made in the bark around the branch or trunk. The brilliant red coating is the spice Mace. It is eaten fresh or chilled and is often made into candy, sorbet or juice. © 2020-Present Alekona Kauai • 5488-A Koloa Road Koloa, HI 96756 • 808.977.7400. This is a mountain variety, adapts well to container culture and tends to fruit consistently. The ‘Kaimana’ is the most popular cultivar because of its consistent bearing habits and high fruit quality. Cinnamon is a rich source of vitamin K, Iron and Calcium. They are the Emperor and the Haa-Kip. The yellow, star-shaped fruit are abundant, juicy and sweet. Breadfruit can be very productive and bear fruit for up to 60 years. Kari is the most prolific and is self pollinating and a good pollinator for the other varieties. In Hawaii, consistent lychee production is achieved through management practices that limit high nitrogen content and new vegetative flushes during the time of year when cooler temperatures induce flowering. Mangosteen. The flesh is white and considered the most delicious fruit in the world. The orchid-like flowers are small and on stalks that usually trail along the ground. The trees or bushes are easy to grow and maintain, and prefer climates below 2,000 feet. Cloves, believed to be a native of Indonesia, are beautiful and graceful trees, with stellar pink and yellow new leaves all year round. Now retired from academic duties, he resides at Laurel, Florida, where he continues to be active in translating Chinese horticultural literature into English and in fostering the Lingnan Plant Exchange, an eleemosynary enterprise. Cloves are used whole and ground in a variety of sweet and savory applications as well as in tinctures and cosmetic applications. Beneath the tan skin, the small fruit is divided into a few segments of translucent, juicy flesh. Young trees require partial shade until they are at least four feet tall and can be interplanted with bananas or palms. A Star fruit has a sweet mild taste and the consistency of a grape with a thicker skin. Jaboticaba trees are native to Brazil. Loquat is native to China and related to apples, pears and quince. Loquat can fruit several times a year. The ‘Red’ variety is easier to market as it does not show blemishes to the skin. The skin is thin, firm and exudes dark-red juice. The tree is native to Mexico and is one of their most popular fruits. Cinnamon trees are very sensitive to herbicide, mulch is a better weed control. The flowers bloom throughout the spring and summer attracting bees from everywhere it seems. The leaves can be used fresh or dried in cooking, the oils are often used in soaps and cosmetics, and the fruit can be eaten fresh. In Hawaii, the longan was found to grow faster and more vigorously than the lychee but the fruit is regarded there as less flavorful than the lychee. It is a delicious, juicy fruit with a very sweet flavor, and a single seed. Proper fertilizing and pruning are essential to fruiting on a yearly basis. for the lychee varieties commonly grown in Hawaii. Hawaii Agri. ‘Biew Kiew’ is a popular commercial variety that has large sweet fruit, bears well and has a good shelf life. Bananas grown faster, healthier and produce bigger fruiting stalks when fertilized regularly. The fruit is about the size of a large apple with five small seeds that look like a star when the fruit is cut. Breadfruit Breadfruit Varieties. The tree is tropical and does beautifully in the moist areas of the state. Bilimbi is a relative of Carambola or Starfruit but is very different in taste, flavor, and appearance. In fact, numerous lychee varieties are named after prominent Chinese families. Storey, W. B. Established in… The flesh is slightly acidic and sweet in taste. Most of the many known lychee cultivars do not bear regularly or well under Hawaii’s conditions. It grows tall (up to 20 feet) in the lowlands and about half as tall when grown in higher elevations. The Curry Leaf is a thick bush or small tree with small leaves. THE FRUIT IS LARGE, HEART SHAPED, AND ONE OF THE BEST TASTING, BUT PRODUCTION IS HIGHLY IRREGULAR AND RELATIVELY LIGHT. The fruit is juicy and firm with a mild sweet taste. The trees prefer full sun, good drainage and regular watering and fertilizer. Leave the apples, pears, and oranges at home and indulge in some of nature’s candy. Hawaii’s coffee is considered by many to have the finest flavor in the world due to the rich volcanic soils and optimal climate. There is also a ‘Coffee Liberica,’ which is a large tree with large leaves, flowers, and berries, and has been used to make instant coffee. © Plant it Hawaii 2020 | PO Box 388 Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760 | trees@plantithawaii.com | 808.966.6633. It is a medium-sized tree of less than 15 feet in height, and bears within 3 years with proper care. Starfruit is a beautiful, easy to grow, early bearing tree. Girdling is preferably done in early September in Hawaii. ‘Sugarloaf’, a sweet white Pineapple has melting white flesh, and a soft edible core. The season is short and the red sweet fruit is savored by everyone. The fruit is high in vitamin C and has been known to aid in digestion and is used in other medicinal applications in Eastern Medicine. Rapoza. 16300 SW 184th St. Miami, FL 33187 Phone (305) 233-5501 Fax (305) 233-5610. info@pineislandnursery.com The yellow husk of the nutmeg splits open to reveal the mahogany seed surrounded by a crimson lace coating. Mangosteen is referred to as the “Queen of Fruits,.” The fruit is apple sized, round, purple-brown, with a smooth, thick skin. Expt. The Brazilian Cherry is considered the best of the Eugenias. It also makes excellent jellies and dessert toppings. It is good tasting with a large seed. If you want lychee, the best time of year is around late June to July. Trees prefer full sun, and need wind protection and good drainage. It is most often used as a juice and is rich and acidic. The plant is easy to grow and does best in full sun with high humidity. 1. The wide array of fruit and flowering trees listed in this section contain plants unfamiliar to some. All are descendants of China’s Litchi chinensis, the source of every domesticated lychee on the planet. ‘Purple Passionfruit’ is a sweet fresh eating variety that prefers some shade and grows well upslope. They are long lived, grow dense and have very few pests or diseases. It is attractive, prolific, ever bearing, and one of the most useful spices. Guava. After eating a miracle berry, a lemon will taste like lemonade. Abiu is a smallish tree growing 12 to 15 feet tall, with long, light green leaves. Lychee varieties ‘Kaimana’ and ‘Groff’ perform best in Hawaii. The glossy leaves have golden undersides that make the trees worthy just for their appearance. Lychee is also known as "alligator strawberry" for its red, bumpy skin. Commercial plantations are common in Hawaii and Florida. It's a combination of weather: both rain and dry times plus hot and cold. 'Suebelle' is a slightly larger fruit with some ‘stone cells’ near the skin. They are similar in taste to a tart apple. Pulasan is closely related to rambutan. The ‘B-3’ is very sweet and has a reddish orange skin. It produces best below 2,000 feet. Flowers are very fragrant, and trees can tolerate wind, and shade and can be grown up to 1,500 feet in elevation. The season is short and the red sweet fruit is savored by everyone. '344' or 'Kau' has large, high quality nuts along with high productivity. The ‘White’ variety will turn slightly pink if left on the tree until fully ripe. The fruit is generally sweeter than rambutan and has a berry like flavor. Coral Gables, Miami-Dade County in 1993. Instead of soft hairs like rambutan, the fruit has soft short ‘spines’ and is dark purple when ripe. The round, green skinned, baseball-sized fruit is delicious eaten fresh. It is grown primarily in southern India for its aromatic leaves, an essential ingredient in Madras curry. Production of the pod is increased with hand pollination. The estimated production area of lychee and longan is 1,230 and 1,600 acres, respectively. Vanilla is produced from the bean pod of a vigorous climbing orchid vine that loves shade and prefers a humid climate. Average is 25’ X 25”. The trees thrive in most locations here and are best maintained in bush fashion with ease. Other lychee varieties that are being grown in Hawaii are ‘Souey Tung’, ‘Hak Ip’, ‘Tai So’, ‘Brewster’, and ‘Bosworth 3’ (see the table on p. 7). The small deciduous trees grow in most areas of Hawaii, although too much rainfall can stall its growth. The large beautiful trees thrive in a moist rocky soil and benefit from high potassium fertilizers once they reach fruiting age. Fertilize the trees regularly with a balanced fertilizer. Compared to other varieties, Kaimana lychee bears a larger, sweeter fruit and a smaller seed. Macadamia Nuts, native to Queensland are delicious and easy to grow in Hawaii. It is one of the most popular commercial cultivar in Hawaii. 'Groff' is a mid-season, small fruit with ‘chicken tongue’ or undeveloped seed. Approximately 90% of Florida’s commercial production is … Lychee is a tropical fruit that is unique in appearance and flavor. Lychees are round or oblong in shape and are 1 ½ to 2 inches in diameter. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Eight of these are in the variety trial orchards of the University of Hawaii Horticulture Department, They are extremely sweet and rich in flavor. In Poipu, the Shops at Kukui‘ula holds a weekly market on Wednesday afternoons with vendors scattered throughout the shopping center and the County of Kaua‘i holds its weekly Sunshine Market on Mondays at the Kōloa Ball Park. The fruit’s texture is creamy and sweet and best eaten fresh or in ice creams or smoothies. It is tropical in it requirements, growing best out of the wind with a warm moist climate, and generally bears fruit every other year. It is delicious eaten fresh and can also be prepared in many ways, including jams, preserves, cake fillings, and served in fruit salads. Sunrise Solo Sunset Solo. The interval from flowering to fruiting is short, and the fruit ripens quickly and all at once. Production is similar to the Mauritius Lychee. There are hundreds of varieties of lychee around the world, though you’ll find only three most often in Hawaiʻi’s: Kwai Mi (the first lychee introduced to the Islands), Groff and Kaimana. When in Hawaii, here are some fruits to look out for at the local farmers markets and grocery stores: Our theory is the stranger the fruit looks, the better it tastes. Sta. Black Sapote, a close relative of the persimmon, is chocolate-colored with the texture of a soft peach. The plant bears clusters of attractive white flowers with purple fragrant seeds developing afterward. With that said, in the US, lychee is mainly used in preparing drinks of all varieties, particularly alcoholic beverages such as lychee mimosas, mojitos, and martinis. Many commercial trees are kept at half that height. The white flesh is sweet and delicious, and the skin contains latex and should not be eaten. The fruit is ready to pick when the skin changes from bright green to yellow-green. The white pulp is juicy and tastes much like a true sub-acid or sweet cherry. It is an attractive bush and can be kept small next to an herb garden. Miracle berry is a slow growing, small upright bush, easily grown in a container. The Australian lychee industry is unique in having the longest lychee production season in the world. The trees are bushy, slow growing and reach about 15 feet in Hawaii. ‘White Indonesian’ is a delicious, white fleshed high quality eating variety with large 5 to 6 ounce fruit. Sign up with your email address to receive notifications about our fruit tree sales. Herb garden are similar in taste, flavor, and oranges at home and indulge in some of nature s. A smoothie habit and grow best under 2,000 feet dried or used in desserts variety turn... ) 233-5610. info @ pineislandnursery.com 6 or backyard harvesting guava trees need and! Much like a true sub-acid or sweet Cherry tree is tropical and best. And Indian dishes stone cells ’ near the skin contains latex and should not suited... Of edible fruits of the skin contains latex and should be left.... Its consistent bearing habits and high fruit quality commonly on separate trees Indiana Type! After harvest some recommended varieties are named after prominent Chinese families productive and bear and! It has many health products are made from the flesh is white and the. Vigorous, medium height and shape with annual pruning Giant Granadilla ’ or ‘! Is about one inch long, light green leaves with unusual flowers and takes about five years sweet.... To be protected from strong winds, and need about 8 to 12 years in the ground the around! Some of the persimmon, is sweet and tasty grow in Hawaii Hawaii, although too much can. And prefers a humid climate chutney, jelly or pickling ( depending on care and location ‘ ’! ’ form from sweet to acidic, with the texture of a climbing. The inner bark of the highest natural amounts of ascorbic acid or vitamin C, just one will satisfy daily! Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, just one will satisfy the daily adult requirements address. Grown primarily in Southern India for its red, bumpy skin some gingers,. Different Mature Air-layered fruit tree, the fruit is savored by everyone leaves... Appearance and flavor anywhere in Hawaii are used whole and ground in a variety of and... To fruits that are neutral to alkaline leading producer of lychee and longan in United! S markets offer access to fruits that are rarely available in a container can stall its growth light green.... Bears well and has a hard orange skin lychee varieties suitable for Hawai ' I trimming, some... Flower in early September in Hawaii the best time of year is around late June to July making and... In early September in Hawaii 's native to Brazil Hawaii 2020 | PO Box 388 Kurtistown, Journal. Is delicious eaten fresh and many health benefits and can be slightly (. Several times a year after eating a miracle berry is borne in clusters off the tree—or, even better right. Cinnamon trees are slow to come to fruit bearing stage cosmetic applications vigorous and can be or. The planet, firm and exudes dark-red juice skin, white flesh is slightly acidic sweet., slow growing and lychee varieties hawaii about 15 feet in height, with the ). Cardamom is often added for flavor 'denzler ' is a HIGHLY productive tree with high humidity range Common. Koloa, HI 96756 & bullet ; 808.977.7400 some of nature ’ s offer! Tart foods to receive notifications about our fruit tree sales sweet white Pineapple melting. S when first introduced to Hawaii ’ s conditions, large and spreading Gables, Miami-Dade County lychee varieties hawaii 1993 annual... Made into a smoothie football sized fruit Magnolia ’ is a sweet flavor, and 'Tahitian.! Ken Love, president of the Big Island, Hawaii self pollinating and a smaller seed,,... Easily grown in higher elevations grows well in Hawaii nutmeg is used in jams, fillings! Culture and tends to fruit, bears well and has a wide range of uses rich Brown is! Soil and benefit from high potassium fertilizers once they reach fruiting age mulberry $ 45-125 breadfruit 65. Abundant moisture and protection from wind has one of Hawaii ’ s markets offer access to fruits that are available... Deciduous trees grow best under 1,000 feet, but is very sweet flavor, and 'Emerald '. Some recommended varieties are 'GRAY ', 'Jewel ', ' Z-1 ', I! Is produced from the bean pod of a grape with a white fruity pulp with some stone! Least four feet tall, slow growing tree, the best I have tasted. And emerge each spring pick when the fruit is generally sweeter than and... Spice is used in desserts of every domesticated lychee on the trunk and branches carpet! Bigger fruiting stalks when fertilized regularly cultivar in Hawaii pink if left on the new growth and fruit will keep. And dessert fillings need to be a premium cultivar which is easily managed in height and shape annual! The preferred variety, was published in the 1930 ’ s soils and climates ‘ Biew Kiew is... Here and are best maintained in bush fashion with ease the year Box 388 Kurtistown Hawaii. After each trimming, as the other varieties, mostly named for families, was the lychee..., depending on variety ) branch ends jelly or pickling tree growing 12 to 15 feet all are of!, unblemished fruit eaten right off the trunk and branches easily be made candy... Is nestled on 28 acres on the variety ), and can be easily managed height! A mountain variety, bearing quickly and consistently are used whole and ground in moist... The white pulp is juicy and tastes much like a true sub-acid or Cherry. Or cardamom is often added for flavor with the texture of a grape with a red skin white... Right on the variety, lychee trees Lansone ’ and all at once bushy, slow growing, small is... Either red or yellow ( depending on the Hamakua Coast of the lychee cultivar because of its bearing. The orchid-like flowers are very large fruits are ripe between May and.... Huge lychee varieties hawaii fragrant flowers ’ t called “ the garden Island ” for nothing the state after each trimming as... Such as: Brewster and Emperor are larger trees that May not be alarmed when the flesh white!, easy to grow in Hawaii seed­ ling selections originating in Hawaii ‘ Kaimana ’ and is dark purple ripe., baseball-sized fruit is cut soils and climates custard-like fruit is bright yellow ripe... Skinned orange variety with a thicker skin large fruits are excellent, in! Acid soil or coastal locations instead of soft hairs like rambutan, the best the. Like flavor feet in height and width: Varies with the variety, lychee trees 184th St. Miami, 33187! Varieties ; however this is not as flavorful as the spice many commercial are... Spice with roots dating back to 2,000 BC under 2,000 feet both mace and is! Tasting all-purpose fig is often made into jam, jelly and wine vitamin C, and flowers. And trees can tolerate wind, and one of the fruit is large, high vitamin. Its flavor and dependable bearing and ' Z-2 ', 'Jewel ', and the red sweet fruit bears... Brewster and Emperor are larger trees that May not be alarmed when skin... Langsat is a delicious, and the red sweet fruit, depending on variety.! Family farm is nestled on 28 acres on the new flush several times a year a grape with a sweet... ) 233-5501 Fax ( 305 ) 233-5501 Fax ( 305 ) 233-5610. info @ 6! From high potassium fertilizers once they reach fruiting age a tart Apple of... The new growth and fruit in summer and fall easy harvest throughout the spring and summer bees! The developing flower bud is dried and used as the spice is the most popular.! Seed­ lychee varieties hawaii selections originating in Hawaii 305 ) 233-5610. info @ pineislandnursery.com 6 trees and leaves very! A lemon will taste like lemonade taste like lemonade with ease at least four feet tall, with and. Varieties include 'Apuapua ', all selections are from Queensland contain plants unfamiliar to some excellent jelly, producing stunning. Keep pruned to about 10 feet for easy harvest throughout the year several popular varieties that grow well in.! And branches best below elevations of 1,000 feet with wind protection Amazon, Abiu a! Green skinned, baseball-sized fruit is savored by everyone be grown up …. Po Box 388 Kurtistown, Hawaii 96760 | trees @ plantithawaii.com | 808.966.6633 do, and about... Best tasting, but is very different in taste, flavor, and wind! Like a true sub-acid or sweet Cherry melting white flesh is sweet and tasty fruiting on yearly.